Established 1957

About Goshen Hounds


The Goshen Hounds Hunt Club was established in 1957 (recognized in 1960) from an original nucleus of members from Master Thomas Mott's Redland Hunt. Mrs. Jane Blunt (McGrath) Collins, an honorary member of Goshen Hounds, was among the founding members. Also, in this period, a young foxhunter following hounds with neighboring hunt, Iron Bridge Hounds, before moving to Redland, Stanley Stabler joined Goshen and was later persuaded to become Joint Master. Read More.

Upcoming Events

Summer Trail Rides are in full swing, please contact us if you would like to attend. We normally go out Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings. The cost is only $10.

Participants in any Goshen event, must sign a Goshen Wavier, print this document and submit it prior to or on the day of the event. ‚Äč

Full List of Upcoming Events

Our Hounds

Goshen's hounds are as exciting to see as they are to follow. They are a very level pack of lemon-and-white and red-and-white generally purebred American Foxhounds. Read More.