Informal Attire

The informal or cubbing season occurs in the fall before the regular season begins. Dress for this season is referred to as “ratcatcher” or “informal” attire. This apparel is characterized by earthy colors and patterns. Formal attire is worn during the regular season, which begins at Opening Hunt. Formal attire is different for members and non-members, and for ladies and gentlemen.

Coat: Tweed coats of muted earth tones are acceptable. It is also appropriate to wear a black or navy hunt coat.

Shirt: A light-colored, collared shirt with sleeves. Oxford shirts are also acceptable, but must be worn with a necktie.

Stock tie: During cubbing season, you can wear any color tie. Plaid or patterned ties are popular. Stock ties should be secured with a horizontal pin and have the ends pinned down. If you choose to wear an oxford shirt, wear a necktie without the pins.

Vest: Vests are optional during cubbing season, but a canary yellow, tattersall, or muted-color patterned vest can be worn.

Breeches: Tan, buff, gray, rust, or other earthy color.

Boots: Black or Brown tall boots are acceptable.

Accessories: Black leather, brown leather, or string gloves are correct for cubbing. Stock pins may be decorative. Jewelry is discouraged. Riders should wear leather belts, which can be used in the event a stirrup leather breaks or a loose horse needs to be caught.

Formal Attire


Established 1957

Coat: A frock or hunt coat in black, dark blue, or dark gray with plain dark buttons is correct. 

Shirt: White, long-sleeved show shirt.

Stock tie: For formal season, you should wear a plain white stock tie that’s fastened with a plain, horizontal safety pin and pinned down to keep the ends from flying up white you’re riding.

Vest: Canary yellow vest. Tattersall vests are also acceptable.

Breeches: Tan, buff, or canary breeches made from heavy synthetic stretch twill or cord are both appropriate and practical. Heavy breeches will help keep you warm on wintry days and will protect you from being scratched by branches and brambles.

Boots: Black leather dress boots are appropriate, black rubber boots are also acceptable in wet weather.

Accessories: In the formal season, you can wear buff, black, or brown leather gloves. Riders should wear leather belt, as in the informal season. If you have long hair, you should confine your hair in a hairnet or braid it neatly.