Established 1957

Upcoming Events 

December 31st, 2017 - The Goshen Masters including Huntsman Robert Taylor, MFH, cordially invite side saddle riders to a New Year's Eve hunt at Goshen Kennels. Click here for more information. 

Cover Photo Courtesy of Karen Kandra

Fox Chasing in Montgomery County, MD

Recent Even​ts

Riders and non-riders from all over came out to the Goshen Kennels for an amazing day of hunting followed by a beautiful and bountiful breakfast in memory of Rick Jones.  


Interested in learning how we came to be Goshen Hounds? Read about the history of our organization! 

Cast to Covert. Chase their Cry. Toast the Thrill.

2017 - 2018 Season 

The fox chasing season is in full swing with Goshen Hounds. Are you interested in joining us? Click Here ​


We pride ourselves in being a friendly and welcoming organization. We are dedicated to preserving the land for future generations to enjoy the sport of Fox Chasing. We hunt behind a traditional fourth generation huntsman with American and Crossbred hounds who chase red and grey fox, with great volume of their speak, which is "music" to our ears. We chase over farmland and woods with jumping and non-jumping fields.We work to educate our members on the traditions of the sport and the joy of watching the hounds work in the field. 

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