Established 1957

Fall Hunter Pace at Brooke Grove Farm  9.24.17

​Photography by Emily Ballenger, Katherine Rizzo, and friends 

Photography by Sherri Holdridge

Goshen Hounds Spring Hunter Pace at Brooke Grove Farm - 4.30.17

Recent Events

Junior Witch Hunt 10.28.17 

Redland Hunt Pony Club and Goshen Hounds Combined Test and  XC Schooling 9.17.17

Virginia Foxhound Show 5.28.17

​Photos by Sherri Holdridge Photography, Karen Kandra, and friends 

2016-2017 Season 

Roading and Autumn Chasing 2017

Formal Season 2017-18

Bash on the Bay BBQ and

Oyster Roast 10.14.17 

Maryland Foxhound  Puppy Show - 5.7.17