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Junior Witch Hunt

  • Saturday, October 29th, 2022

  • 2pm


  • Brooke Grove Farm, 18420 Brooke Grove Road, Olney, MD 20832


  • Join us for a fun afternoon chasing the Witch of Brooke Grove Farm and preparing our juniors for the Goshen Junior Hunt in November! Snacks and fun to follow. 


  • First field will jump small fences and riders will be expected to walk, trot, canter and jump 2’6” natural obstacles and coops as a group.

  • Second field riders will be expected to walk, trot and canter as a group
    through open fields and woods.

  • Third field or hill topping group will walk with some trotting.


  • Correct fox hunting attire: Ratcatcher or formal with tan breeches


  • Ponies and horses should be turned out smartly for a day of hunting. A fitted white saddle pad is appropriate, and braids are not necessary.


  • Participants will be under the age of 21. Adult riders are welcome to accompany the children or lead ponies in the hill topping field. Adults must also submit an entry form, Coggins and signed release forms.


  • Include: Entry Form, Current Coggins, USPC Release, and RGPC Release which can be found below

  • Entries may be submitted via online entry by clicking the link below or sent to Terry Anderson via email to


For questions or additional information, please contact Terry Anderson at 301-655-4004 or 

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