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Goshen Hounds offers several types of annual memberships

Individual (35 and up): $2250

Young Adult (25-35 years old): $1250

Junior (under 25 years old): $420

Associate (6 hunts): $650

Sponsor: $4500

Contributor: $240


Non-members and Contributor members may cap up to 3 times in a season, cap fees should be given to the field secretary upon arrival.

Adult Cap: $100

Junior Cap: $30


*All Membership types (except Contributor) are invoiced for annual MAWC membership dues of $25.

Maryland Association for Wildlife Conservation is an organization concerned with Maryland legislation relative to hunting with hounds/dogs. Their task is very difficult and requires a paid professional lobbyist to keep anti-hunters and deer hunters at bay so that we can safely enjoy our sport. The legal challenges are endless, and each legislative session brings new issues that must be met. The fact that we rarely hear of these measures is a testament to the effectiveness of this activity. Your individual MAWC dues are used almost totally to cover this expense. Our senior master, Dr. Mess, is our representative to the MAWC Board. He or Master Pardoe would be happy to answer any additional questions you may have. Here is the link for more information:

To appy for membership with Goshen Hounds, please email with the following information:

  • Contact Info (name, mailing address, phone number)

  • Type of membership being requested

  • Names of 2 sponsors (sponsors must be current members, we can help with sponsors if needed)

  • General Riding experience

  • Experience with Goshen (Have you attended a trail ride? Capped with us? Attended a social event?)

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